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Have you ever wondered?

How do you get thousands of people to see your videos, your message and make a profit while doing it?

Do you want a simple way to get massive amounts of traffic without spending a lot of money?

Want to find the solution to your marketing problems by making one slight change?

Then look no further. This webinar reveals our best kept secrets about Facebook.

What we are about to share with you is your next marketing breakthrough.

The competition for Facebook ad space and eyeballs is more competitive than ever.

So, what do you do to stand out?

In Facebook Domination Secrets we reveal the "secret sauce" to making you stand out like a lighthouse beacon among your competitors PLUS:

  • What the most powerful message you can create on Facebook is which will make people connect with you in droves.

  • Why the less you try to sell on Facebook, the more you will actually sell.

  • The mistake people are making with their product launches that leaves massive amounts of money on the table.

  • Peter Wolfing reveals his affiliate marketing secret which helps him bring in 6-figures per promotion.

  • How to turn a simple Facebook post into an ad for your business.

  • The invisible force which determines the success of your business which has nothing to do with technology.

This isn’t something you’ll want to miss. What we are going to reveal in this video series is the next breakthrough in Facebook marketing.

So take off your shoes, make yourself comfortable, grab yourself a drink, grab a pen or pencil (with paper) to take notes and enjoy!

Here's what You'll Receive

BONUS #1: 
Facebook Relevance (beginner training)

Bonus #2:
Video Marketing Secrets

"Advanced Facebook Video Marketing Strategies" (for Beginners!)

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Bonus #3:
Replays from our Live Classes.

Did you miss one of our webinars? You'll get access to our replays for 2019.

Bonus #4: Twitter Marketing Secrets ($97 value)

Bonus #5: Think and Grow Rich Masterclass + AudioBook ($197 value)

Bonus #6: Action Guides New!

Here are some lessons from the BONUS "Action Guides" training you'll receive as a member. These are actual live case studies we do for clients. (Maybe even you in the future!)

Bonus #7: Affiliate Marketing Training

Earn Commissions from our Products

Yes,  once you purchase our product, you'll be able to PROMOTE our products and earn commissions. It's not just about consuming the product. After you've gone throught the course, we have a bonus training about affiliate marketing. 

Friends.... It's not just about Facebook only. You need to master the ART of storytelling across multiple platforms.  We've worked on this course for months and it will continue to improve in time (and the price will increase too)

Your instructors:

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About Peter Wolfing

We cover all these tips (and more) in the training itself. PLUS you'll be the first to receive live event replays when they become available.

Did You Know?

More business owners are on Facebook than ever before.

This year is the first time in history when "Digital Ad Spend" is greater than television, newspapers magazines and radio.

Facebook and Google dominate 90% of the world's digital ad spend?

Discover the secret sauce to making yourself stand out like a lighthouse beacon amongst your competitors.

You're just moments away from getting access to knowledge about FB ads which will transform your business.

As well as this, you’ll also discover how:

  • Getting more likes, clicks, comments, shares and sales is like doing yoga

  • We’ve helped our students’ ads perform 13 X better for half the price… and how you can too

  • Your posts can perform 10 times better than an ad with this one FREE strategy

  • The one thing which sends people on Facebook into a frenzy to share your content

  • Why all the old marketing tricks aren’t working anymore… and what does.

  • Why you have just 3 seconds to grab your audience’s attention… and how to get it.

Peter Wolfing hangs out with the top leaders in the world...

These are powerful FB marketing secrets which you can have in your hands minutes from now.

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