Contrary to popular belief the correct term is 'log on' not 'login' . Did you know that? I just learned that today when I was searching for the defintion.

To "Log On" means "to establish communication and initiate interaction with a computer or system" - Merriam-Webster

So you're probably here on this page because you're wondering how to log on to your website that you purchased...or to Log On to the domain name you purchased..Or to a funnel you accessed before.

Here are the list of LOGON Locations to help you get to where you want to go:

Domains and Hosting - all .com .net domain names - you'll need your customer number and password - the LOG ON location is HERE

Earthgrid 'Space' Websites have moved to . If your website was built from 2006-2019 in the space platform then your LOG ON Location is HERE

Earthgrid 'Eclipse' Websites have moved to  If your website was built from 2016-2019 then your LOG ON location is HERE

If you can't find your log on location we are typically working on improving Earthgrid and you can reach us on SKYPE - simply add 'earthgrid' to your Skype and drop us a quick 'hello'

We've found Skype is better and more reliable than chat support.  They now have a web based interface as well.

Hint - 9 times out of ten all you need to do is locate your email and reset your password. It's a good idea to reset your password to a more secure one.

Or simply contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Do you have a website?

(or are you using public social methods)