For about $1 a day, you'll receive all the tools you need to manage your online business.



Deluxe Website

Premium Website


Who is this package for?
What does it include?
Individuals, authors, speakers and small business.
Small to medium sized business owners. Sales and marketing optimized. Enables Private Membership Areas / Database Support.
For businesses with established track record that want to grow their market share. All the features of Deluxe, PLUS a lot more space.  Premium versions of our apps and database editor to manage contacts.
Monthly Price
Support Priority
e-mail only
skype, phone
webinar, video conference
Support Website only
Webinars and Videos
Invitation to Advanced Trainings and Online Marketing Webinars
Space1 Gigabyte
2 Gigabytes
10 Gigabytes
Transfer Limit
Process You build your site (DIY) using intuitive editing interface and our External link opens in new tab or windowcomprehensive tutorials Customize your site using our advanced design tools to match your brand and style or hire our certified designers to assist you.
Design Library All Designs
All Designs + Ability for Designer to Unlock PRO Layout and Style Editor
Create your own Custom Design or have our certified designers create it for you.
Text and Images
CDN File System
Visitor Statistics
Image Galleries
HTML Snippets
Web Forms
Stock Image Library
SEO Tools
CSS Customization
Voting Poll
Google Maps
Twitter Profiles
Online Payments
News & Events
Facebook Social Plugins
Page Rating
Mobile & Tablet Page Usher
Local Promotions
DataBase Editor (Export and Import)
Smooth Scroll
Image Lazy Load
Appointment Scheduler
Media Library
Design PRO CSS Style/Layout Editor
Members Login - Protected Content Areas

Mobile: Home Page
Facebook Tabs
Profile Editor
Language Selection
Page Usher Premium
Multiple Device Detection - Repeat Visitor - Geotargeting
Local Promotions Premium - Targeting
Appointment Scheduler Premium
Database Editor Premium (online editing)
Advanced SEO and Online Marketing Tools, and Widgets
Base Price$36 / month$49.95/month$97/mo
Package or Designer Price
Setup Fees

(optional - we build it for you)
Additional Services Logo Upload
Colors Adjustment
Custom site design
Content updates
Search Engine Optimization
Consulting Information architecture
Site structure
Information architecture
Site structure
Online strategy
Traffic acquisition
Community building


Sales Terms: All paid plans are month to month, semiannual, or year to year. All sales are final. You can upgrade or change your plan from Control Panel > My Account  > Change Plan. Once you are on one of our paid plans, you will be billed automatically via Paypal until you cancel. You can cancel anytime from Control Panel > My Account > Cancel Billing. In order to avoid the next billing, the cancellation should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the end of the calendar month.Cancellation will not stop automatic billing via Paypal. You must also log into your Paypal account and cancel there. Sites are automatically suspended within 14 days of declined payments and may be permanently deleted after 60 days.

Ready? Let's Get Started!

Here are 5 Easy Steps to have Your New Website Live in Less than an Hour.

You can have your website live at your .com, .co, .net domain name today! If you bought your domain name with Godaddy or through Earthgrid Domains, we've been able to launch a site within 30 minutes from start to finish and link it the the domain name of your choice. Don't worry: if you haven't yet bought a domain name, you can view your site at[your login username].

  1. Press the Sign Up button below and choose your initial design. All designs will be available to try out free for 14-days you will see a 'Registering' window while your website is being created. Keep this window open.
  2. Check your e-mail when you see the "Registering" window. Depending on your email system, sometimes this e-mail will incorrectly be sent to your 'junk mail' or 'spam' folder. Look for a message entitled 'Welcome to Earthgrid Sites' - it will be from '' - Inside you will see a special Activation Link. Click this link or copy it to your browser in a new tab or window. Here you will see your site. We have added sample pages with instructions to get you started.
  3. Just add content - Copy and paste content from your existing website replacing the sample text on the site from your word processor. You can also upload photographs, movies, YouTube videos, Shopping Cart buttons or anything else you want on your site. Complete instructions are available by pressing the 'Support' button from our website at any time.
  4. Choose a package - go back to your 'other window' or browser tab you kept open in step #1 above. There you can choose a subscription package which will cause your site to go active.
  5. Link your domain name - following the instructions from the 'Support' menu above.

Congratulations! Your site will be live in under an hour, ready to show to the world!

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If you have any questions please call:


to talk to an Earthgrid associate
+01 (650) 980-5011 Direct / International