Detailed Information About PowerSites

Earthgrid PowerSites
look great and are easy to create and edit once you choose a subscription package. We call it a subscription  because there are regular recurring charges that give you ACCESS TO TOOLS over the Internet that can be accessed anywhere, and that are constantly being upgraded.

When you subscribe to PowerSites  you don’t just get a place to park your website content, you’re getting all the tools you’ll need to make a professional site that will look good and work hard for you.

PowerSites includes Global Hosting and a Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to upload and edit your own content right in place on the page where others see it from any computer with web access, and that keeps redundant copies of your website content on multiple servers, literally around the globe, and lets you test and preview your edits before you publish them.


Earthgrid provides a library of professionally designed templates and clip-art for your use.  Our pre-built animated galleries and slide shows enable you to dynamically show products, portfolios of your own images, or display sponsor/client logos.

If you design and build sites for your own clients, learn to use the Advanced Editing Tools (available as an add-on for each site) that let you completely customize our templates in exquisite detail, and much more easily than with competing products.  If you are not a designer, or experienced creating websites, you may prefer to hire a professional to help you customize your website so it meets your specifications exactly. 


We have graphics professionals on our staff and certified independent designers who are already familiar with PowerSites and can provide you with a quote for whatever customization you require. 

Although you pay more to subscribe to the Earthgrid PowerSites and their editing tools than you would for conventional hosting, you save on customization, because it's easier to convert your graphic artist's conception to a working site. Once built it's easier to maintain the site even as articles, pictures, and whole pages, are added, edited and moved around, and there's no third party software to buy and a shorter learning curve as you master the built-in tools.



Earthgrid's global infrastructure is designed to operate as a robust, secure and highly scalable hosting environment. To achieve this, Earthgrid is fully integrated with a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). The Content Delivery Network spans over four data-centers, set in different geographic locations thus accelerating the content delivery from any part of the world.


Each data-center is located in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with HVAC, fire suppression, UPS with power generators and multiple fiber-optic connections to different backbone Internet providers. By applying regular software updates and off-site backups our servers are always secure and very reliable.

To offer the best possible experience to all visitors, our CDN is serving the content from the data-center nearest to the visitor (locality balancing). The load is distributed between the servers inside any data-center (load balancing), and a dynamic server provisioning (elastic grid) ensures any spikes in traffic won't effect the performance.

Earthgrid's global hosting infrastructure is proactively monitored 24/7 by our NOC, ensuring our high availability.


With Earthgrid, editing your site content and adding new elements is a breeze. Try it now

Earthgrid features a rich selection of professional and sophisticated stock designs.