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Viktor Grant also known as 'External link opens in new tab or windowVik Grant' is a recognized expert in the creation and maintenance of virtual communities, as well as an Internet architect and entrepreneur responsible for pioneering multiple technologies in the computer industry and on the Web. His expertise includes pioneering the use of social networking, multiuser roundtable chats, artificial intelligence based e-commerce systems, viral marketing services, video magazines, real time credit card content publishing, online book selling, and copy protection systems. His thirty years of programming and project leadership experience began with writing the world’s consumer grade copy protection software program for the Apple II while still a teenager.

He is also a piano composer mixing classical solo piano, relaxation music, with jazz improv. Below is his latest YouTube video. External link opens in new tab or windowSubscribe to his YouTube Channel Here.

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If you know me, you probably already know I'm a big fan of GDPR and see it as the next evolution of the Internet.  I know that changes to the way we are accustomed to do things can be scary but changes like the GDPR are for the better in the long run. I see GDPR as the continued evolution of the world wide web: "Protecting Privacy by Accepting Personal Responsibility" - please read our updated privacy policy

Evolution requires you to adjust your marketing and we at Earthgrid are here to help you through the process. We are working around the clock to build tools and technologies to enable our European patrons to feel safe to do business with us and to help comply with International laws.

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