At Earthgrid we believe that your data is your most valuable business asset.

  1. You need to be in control of your data and privacy.
  2. You need have access to your search history and use it for your business.
  3. You need to dynamically update your search listings without needing to change your website.

Earthgrid is the search engine that puts you in control of your search data.

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We store all your information in the cloud and you have access to it anytime you want.

Our privacy policy is simple: you are in control of your data. You can use it, export it, or delete it.

We give our members free space where other search engines place ads.

We give you the ability to edit your listings as you choose, whenever you choose. You don't need to wait for a 'spider' to read the contents of your page. Your search listings are instantly editable by you anytime you choose.

What's the point of using a browser that tracks your every move? 

We teamed up with External link opens in new tab or windowBrave that is powered by the Chromium engine and works with all the plugins the same way as Google Chrome does without all the adware and spyware.

Earthgrid supports Brave's blockchain advertising initiatives as well so you can choose which ads to see.

You can disable Google advertising on Earthgrid by simply becoming a member and listing your website, blog, facebook page or youtube video.

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Can you use Chrome with Earthgrid? Of course. Just follow the same instructions as with the Brave browser. However, Chrome will track your every move so there is no privacy of your browsing experience. Brave on the other hand let's you decide which sites have access to your personal data and keeps your history private.

Switch to Earthgrid and grow your business!

Here are step by step instructions on how to set up your default browser to be Earthgrid

  • Yes! You can edit your listings.
  • Yes! You have privacy and you have access to your data!   
  • Yes! Our search results are better than other search engines because we help you ASK Better questions.

All you need to do is start typing and click the SPACE bar.  Our query system grabs the most popular terms from Google and Bing instantly and helps you craft a better search query.

With better search queries, you get more accurate and RELEVANT results!

We and our advisors invented the idea SEO or Search Engine Optimization and here at Earthgrid we want to give you a search engine that empowers YOU to grow your business.  We make money by offering the best marketing tools we build in-house or from our partners.

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