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You’ve got a lucrative business deal in the works…

Obviously, you can’t trust a handshake or a verbal agreement!
Only a good written contract will properly document all of your important deal points

These 10 JVDealBuilder comprehensive sample legal business contract templates in plain-English make your joint venture relationships easier to understand, negotiate and close… Minimizing future legal costs, misunderstandings and head-aches.

Start here with a draft of your agreement — You may be amazed a what you must consider along the way, and how much you can do yourself for a huge head-start with your attorney (for the price of just a few minutes of their time)!

We’ve used these business contract templates ourselves and proven they work in the real world!

“I compared your docs against LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer and theirs are generic and incomplete compared to Business Power Tools. I spent last night editing the document to my liking and had it reviewed by a securities attorney who happens to be a friend. Was very impressed and gave me the OK to use it. Very pleased and will be sure to spread the word about your amazing products and Business Power Tools."

~ Brad Fishman

We teamed-up with real-world business attorneys and business deal-makers to create thorough, legally binding contracts that support business deals with clear and fair terms.

Here’s a head-start on having great agreements for all of your deals

In fact, these sample contract templates will help you to see important deal points you may otherwise overlook. If you were an attorney, you’d have a library of sample contract templates you could access. But if you’re not a lawyer, here’s your best option. Now you’ll have an excellent starting point for documenting future deals. Then discuss and fine-tune them with your attorney.

Plain-English is just as binding
Sometimes the legalese gets in the way of a good deal. Most contracts disregard the potential emotional impact of the wording. These are the things we’ve fixed in JVDealBuilder—everything is understandable, and appealing to emotions of both people involved with your deal.

We’ve surgically removed the legal gibberish so that you and your customers, suppliers, reps, employees and others can easily understand the agreement. No more hereof, whereas, hereinafter, set forth, pursuant to, thereof, and our favorite,notwithstanding the foregoing (it means ‘no matter what’).

“Alternative Dispute Resolution” clauses repel lawsuits

To prevent unnecessary lawsuits and legal actions, we’ve included language for “alternative dispute resolutions” by inserting sections defining arbitration and mediation to help you avoid lawsuits and costs of legal wrangling…

Here are the sample agreement templates included:

  • Affiliate Operating Agreement

    [I'm thinking to grab the intro from the top of each agreement and copy it here]

  • Consulting Services


  • Consulting ~ Marketing Services


  • Internet Joint-Marketing Agreement


  • Joint Marketing


  • Joint Venture


  • Mail List Exchange Agreement


  • Web Referral Agreement


  • Website Reciprocal Link


  • Work for Hire
    You must be the sole owner of all works made for hire. The contractor / consultant retains no copyright or business interest in your project. You need to do this to ensure uniqueness – that the designer / developer cannot just duplicate the work done for you and sell it to others. You also want control… If / when you sell your company you don’t want to have to get special releases from each freelancer explicitly releasing “their” interests in your intellectual property.

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