WordPress got you frustrated?

"Wordpress has taken over the Internet with its sleek look and feel. But users had to expose themselves to its vast security issues. Now, with the new Earthgrid SPACE templates, you have the coveted look and feel of Wordpress with NONE of the security issues."

Try "SPACE" ... the MUCH simpler alternative that lets you build your website directly in the cloud.

What is the difference? Do I still need Wordpress?
Yes, but it serves a different purpose: building traffic to your website, and generating leads for your business.

But you still need an authority site.

What is an authority site? What is its purpose? 

It is a rock-solid cloud-based presentation for your online business that you can edit personally without using a webmaster. It is there to build you and your business as an authority.  It is WHERE you send people to establish your brand, your credibility and have people do business with you. A blog is a place for people to get to know you to decide if they want to do business with you.

Our new SPACE Website Templates are easy to customize for mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Try SPACE : Earthgrid's Authority Site Builder!

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"Green Hosting"

Unlimited Bandwidth

Manage and Edit Simply
World Class Designs for Business

What is SPACE?






"Our Advanced Cloud Storage systems deliver Enterprise-Class Security, and Global Reliability. Our Green Hosting environment saves 99% of the energy consumed by a typical web hosting facility."

*This website you're watching right now was built from scratch in SPACE and it being managed and maintained with the Firefox and Chrome browsers by a team working virtually all over the world.

Already manage one or more WordPress websites?

Build a hub in SPACE and ask us how to automatically publish content to all of your WordPress sites from a single SPACE control panel.

Want something more traditional?

We offer External link opens in new tab or windowtraditional WordPress hosting, domains and everything else you need for your online business.