Our advanced hosting uses just 1% of the energy used by a typical web site,
while providing better reliability.

Earthgrid PowerSites' green hosting infrastructure is designed to operate as a robust, secure and highly scalable environment. To achieve this, Earthgrid is fully integrated with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), based on the RDAM specification (see below). The Content Delivery Network spans over four independent data centers, set in different geographic locations thus accelerating the content delivery from any part of the world.

Each data center is located in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with terabytes of storage arrays, gigabit connectivity to tier1 providers, fire suppression and power backups. By applying regular software updates and off-site backups our servers are always secure and highly reliable.

To offer the best possible user experience, our CDN is locality-sensitive - i.e. it will always serve the content from the data center nearest to the user. The network's peak utilization is automatically monitored not to exceed 80% from the capacity, thus ensuring fast loading time for all users. As Earthgrid's popularity increases and user base expands, we perform regular capacity upgrades of our data centers to meet the growing demand with the same top performance. Earthgrid's global hosting infrastructure is proactively monitored 24/7 by our NOC, ensuring optimal performance in any condition.

RDAM Details: an infrastructural platform, combining high speed, high throughput and high scalability with very low total cost of ownership. In order to ensure real-time load and locality balancing, RDAM parses the HTML before sending it to the client and replaces the URLs of all digital assets (images, downloadable files, etc.) with URLs of the same assets in the data center nearest to the IP requesting the content. This process is fully transparent for the application that creates the content, and it takes about 2ms for a 200Kb HTML page with 200 digital assets. The product is heavily used in Earthgrid Sites, allowing it to handle high volume of users without the need of significant resource investments. You can take advantage of
RDAM without installing it on your servers by using our high-availability hosting.