Earthgrid is committed to not only help you build a stunning web site, but also effectively market it and get traffic to it. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role in your online marketing. We are very pleased to announce several changes to Manage Pages that could greatly improve your ranking in the search engines. All these changes are result of a direct collaboration with many active users who gave us ideas and provided invaluable feedback during the development.

The first feature introduced with this release is the ability to create folders and move pages to folders. This not only allows you to better arrange the pages on your site, but also significantly improves your search engine ranking. We encourage you to try it.

In addition, now Earthgrid allows the creation of 301 redirects, which enables you to forward any URL within your domain to a specific page from your site or to an external site. This is especially useful if you have inbound links to a page that no longer exists and you don't want to lose the search engine juice from that link.

What is a 301 redirect? It is a special 'server code' that tells search engines 'we have moved' and it applies all the credits you had from your old website to your new page. TIP: in Manage Pages set your Not Found page to your HOME PAGE - after you have optimized your Home Page for your target words.  This will cause any stray pages to apply 'search engine credit' to your home page.

Another SEO-related feature will help avoid your site being penalized for duplicate content - Earthgrid will no longer display your home page content under both its original name (usually main_page.html) and the standard index.html. Instead, all visits to index.html will be forwarded (with a 301 redirect) to the home page you have selected. If the home page is index.html, no redirect will occur.

External link opens in new tab or windowWe have also added several "convenience" features like:
  • Page size is now displayed in the list of pages
  • Delete multiple pages
  • Duplicate pages
  • Published date is in your local time zone

Also considerable effort has been put into optimizing the speed of Manage Pages, which should be noticeable any time you load it.

We want to thank our large user community for the great feedback we got while creating those important features. Without you, Earthgrid wouldn't be one of the most powerful tools for creating an attractive and effective web presence.

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