Using a simple Form editor you can easily create different types of web forms that can help you interact with your site visitors or gather user information. The Form editor is very similar to the Text and Image editor, but has a set of additional options for customizing your forms. It lets you add all types of form fields you may need, and arrange them as you like to create any type of web form - Feedback form, Product / Service Information Request forms, Subscription forms, Surveys and Questionnaires. You may also define the actions triggered by the submission of the form - it may send an email, post the information filled in the form to a Forum or Blog on your site or may join the users who submitted the form to a mailing list.

Using the Mailing list feature you may add email subscription forms to your site and send mass emails to all subscribers. You may create an unlimited number of mailing lists, and visitors may subscribe to one or several of them.


The Mailing lists also allow you to restrict access to the whole site, a given page, and files or original gallery images to the chosen list's subscribers. In addition, you may notify all members of a mailing list as soon as new updates have been published on a given page. The mailing list also provides an unsubscribe option which may be appended at the end of each message.

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