Have you noticed that fewer and fewer people are opening and acting on your emails lately?

We have observed that more than 80% of emails that are sent are NOT making it to the inbox? Why is that?

At Digital Engagement Group, we see this as a growing problem and have put in systems and technologies to help our clients maximize their email delivery.  If you are attempting to send more than 500 emails at a time there are certain guidelines and rules you must follow. 

We can help you 'rebuild' your e-mail list and re-engage your customers. We can also help you develop a 'reconfirmation' campaign that will validate whether your subscribers are still interested in your business.

What we can do for you:

We start off by calculating your 'Email Engagement Score' which shows us how responsive your customers are to your communications to them. Then we'll focus on optimizing your letters so that not only do they reach the inbox, they also engage your customers to interact and transact with you.

We have systems and technologies that can also 'clean' your old list of bad addresses, identify people who frequently mark your mail as 'this is spam', and can re-engage your subscribers with social media and re-targeting campaigns.

Isn't it time you engaged your subscribers more effectively?

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