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Setting up a sales funnel for your business is a time-consuming task and requires specialized knowledge.  You can take the time to learn this knowledge, or you can pay us to do it for you. Until our Living Funnel system existed, you needed to purchase software that costs between $100-$300 per month to set up your sales funnel.  Then, you had a learning curve to create your sales funnel, that takes your valuable time.  Further, you must set-up your auto-responder series, integrate it into the software and test it so it works.


The system is built in the open-source BootStrap mobile framework so all of our funnels are mobile-responsive and fast.  Load times and server overhead is minimal.  We provide both custom and hosted solutions for all our funnels.

A unique feature of the system is the ability for list segmentation and data integration with third parties.  For example, the data can be remotely sent to a company's opt-in form as well as capture data for in your own auto-responder.

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Why you need an online marketing funnel.

by Ishwari Jay and Viktor Grant

I met Ishwari at a mastermind event with External link opens in new tab or windowAlex Mandossian  .  She and her team built the sales funnel for External link opens in new tab or windowJack Canfield . I was impressed with her knowledge.  Back in 2014 we did a Google Hangout together where we taught principles of Marketing Automation before that became the latest craze.  Now in 2017, this funnel, still brings Jack revenue.  The basic idea is to give people 10 Success Principles spaced apart daily.  It is a combination of daily motivation and it serves to sell a $97 information product home study course on the back end as the first purchase, this leads to higher ticket and even mastermind sales of $1000 and up.  It all starts with a simple sales funnel.  A way to give people 'gated' content by simply asking for their email.   The hardest part for our clients to understand is that the process of building the funnel has nothing to do with technology - it has to do with making the content flow in such a way that it makes logical sense and there is enough authority.

Why You Need a Marketing Funnel - By Ishwari  (excerpt)

You do need an online marketing funnel because it’s what can help you grow your business. If you are in a network marketing business then you need to market that business effectively and the best way to do that is through attracting people to what you are doing, and what you can offer them.

Marketing funnels and launches have been proven to be essential tools to today’s successful entrepreneurs. They went from 'nice to have' to 'need to have' almost overnight. Yet, here is the big problem:

Too many entrepreneurs simply don’t know that they need powerful marketing funnels and effective product launches to succeed in today's fast changing business environment so they can increase their profits and automate their lead generation. Today's serious entrepreneur who isn't aware and attentive to this is at risk. Big time.

With this in mind, I recently interviewed over a hundred entrepreneurs with regard to their progress and activities in these areas. What I found was astounding.

And here is what all but one person said (they all said the same thing but in different ways):

“Even though I’ve been a successful entrepreneur, harnessing the power of the internet has always been rather frustrating. The more I learned the more there was to learn and the more complex it seemed," Most said, "Then I would hire an inexpensive online marketer or spent a  lot of money with another online marketer and neither achieved my necessary results. They all seemed to have the best solution to help my business grow but at the end didn’t create the profit or exposure that I wanted and needed."

I could feel their dissatisfaction, it was palpable, each and everyone of them was either upset, frustrated, sad or angry with the results they got…. or didn’t get!

Here's what they didn't know and, if they did, they would have saved a ton of time, money and heartache.

There are many different types of marketing funnels and sales funnels.

For the purpose of this article, when I use the term “Marketing Funnel” and/or “Sales Funnel”, I am referring to an online/offline campaign, which delivers a strategic sequence that takes an individual through the “customer life-cycle” process:

This means that every part of the marketing funnel helps to  move a “suspect” to a “prospect" and a “lead” to a “customer”... and eventually to a “raving fan” who will tell their friends, colleagues and family about YOUR wonderful offer. And all of this is essentially done on total autopilot!

Listen up. You can have this model working for you and your business.

Imagine having a system that shares your messages and your offers in a way that aligns with the “buyer’s cycle” instead of pushing a sale which is called the “seller’s cycle”. This results in having prospects feeling comfortable that they are coming to you on THEIR TERMS. This engenders  trust, loyalty where they perceive you as the credible provider in your industry. This is the “time release” psychology of relationship building. In order to create lifelong customers, you need to build relationships slowly through time, and give away a lot of value before making the transition and asking your prospects to buy from you. This is what a marketing funnel does, it elegantly automates these “client life-cycles” and steps to build that long lasting and satisfying customer relationship!

The sad thing is that  most entrepreneurs simply don’t know what these steps are or try to do it without any automation. This is a set up for failure because it takes way too much work and effort to create a perfect customer’s life-cycle strategy plan without such automation.

You need not make these mistakes. There is a better way. For over 5 years, my company, Marketing Funnels and Launches, creates the whole strategy and implements it from beginning to end. We put all the pieces in place in a system that can be used over and over again which generates your continuous flow of new leads and gently leads them to becoming customers.

It takes a team of experts to implement a marketing campaign that delivers results and I ache knowing that too many entrepreneurs are knocking at the wrong door in hope of save a little bit of money only to realize that they are not getting the results they’ve been promised.

At the risk of sounding boastful, this is no easy task to do it right. We are proud that our team includes experts in copywriting, direct response marketing, social media optimization (SMO), web video marketing, web development, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO).

With today’s economy, smart entrepreneurs understand the power of income diversification and there is no shortage of statistics showing that selling information online is one of the fastest growing industries providing great residual income. This might very well be another revenue stream for you as well.

We specialize on launching info-products, books, trainings and paid membership sites.

For this reason we love to educate our customers about the power of launching their own info-products to generate recurring income by selling their information online and launching them in an ongoing fashion called “evergreen launches”. Here they will enjoy yet another profit  source utilizing a system that is almost completely automated.

If you're "feeling' it", that you're ready to turn the corner and create automation in these critical business functions resulting in a steady stream of prospects, clients and 'raving fans', then get in contact with us and let's start mapping out your road-map of funnels, launches and predictable amount of steady leads, clients and profits.

Oh, by the way, that one person who we interviewed who wasn't totally bummed out and laden with frustration around her internet marketing program told us this. "I quickly wasted some time and money on short term, bargain basement internet marketing. My initial thriftiness cost me a bit of money. It wasn't until I realized the enormously high value proposition of high quality, proven strategists and implementers to create my online marketing program that I realized more success in my business

When you start driving people to your website through blogging and social media the online marketing funnel begins!

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(end excerpt)

By far the best software to manage and maintain your marketing funnels is HubSpot, but you should be prepared to spend around $10,000 or more just to get started.  Because most small business owners can't afford that, I've started testing and using this marketing automation software below that can do almost everything you need without the hefty price tag.

Click the button below and try it out for yourself.  It's part of a program I'm teaching called 'ReBuild My List' - if you've ever had an email list and saw that it progressively became less responsive, you know the pain that it can cause.  I decided that I would build a program that helped people rebuild their mailing lists with our software and technology.  The system itself is Free and the only fee you'll pay is for the Marketing Automation software. Fair?