In brief, we use such research to identify “sweet spots” that are both fruitful (from a volume point of view) and are achievable (from a competitive point of view).  We then use our External link opens in new tab or windowSearch Triggers proprietary tool to identify those keywords which, when embedded in blog posts, articles, press releases and video descriptions, will result in a high degree of traffic for, and engagement with, the content.  With this tool and technique we are able to assure that the distribution (and results) from the content will be optimal.  We offer this tool either in a “you do it” software as a service model for the client (i.e. Search Triggers subscription model) or, in our agency model, as a “we do it for you” service in which our team crafts the content.

During the discovery phase of an engagement, we typically will identify areas where you may have issues with one of the following three areas and can make recommendations to upgrade or improve your presence in:

 Website Development

 Digital Marketing

 E-Commerce and Sales Funnels

What We Do

We assist our clients by assessing their online presence and online marketing strategies and to offer effective solutions to address the deficiencies.

  • Based on what the score tells us a typical engagement involves, the following four primary objectives:
  • Overhaul of the current website considering current business goals and growth strategies
  • Creation of SEO strategy for better identification of your target ideal customer
  • Training employees in optimal content creation and maintenance
  • Creating a media buzz through press releases, influencers and amplified messages directed at the right audience

Another major objective that Digital Engagement Group proposes is an assessment of your business processes for alignment with company’s long term vision and goals and for uniqueness in the market place. This objective is to ensure that the online reputation fulfills and enhances your goals and the offline processes are congruent and seamless with the online presence. Towards this objective, the following sub-objectives are proposed:

  • A diagnostic assessment of your business as a whole
  • An alignment process for you to cohesively bring your team in line with company objectives
  • Ensuring the Mastery of the business is in place and identifying target market
  • Developing, defining and demonstrating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Key next steps for market domination in the target market

The Opportunity

The opportunity exists to see exponential growth in your bottom line by optimizing your business and your online presence. Based on our initial competitive analysis in your local market, we have seen that, most other competing firms have ‘sub-optimal’ online presence as well. However, there are a few who are dominating the space and ‘doing everything right’. 

In addition, Google recently announced that they will be having a ‘separate index’ for mobile compliant and optimized websites since more than 65% of their visitors are searching from mobile phones. 

Currently, your website is not mobile optimized, but neither is most of your competition’s.  Upon completing this overhaul of your current website, we will be ‘catching the wave’ versus many businesses who will be scrambling to keep up.  This is a huge window of opportunity that must not be missed.

What we don’t know is how well your business is running on the inside and whether your audience is correctly targeted. Any online presence improvement will not result in huge differences in revenues or profits if the business operations are not mastered and the niche (with target audience) is not well defined.  The opportunity to evaluate the business at the time of online growth will identify areas of weakness that need to be remedied to through business coaching at least for the mastery of the processes and development of the Unique Selling Proposition.

The Solution


  • Website assessment – Review full content of website and back-end. Assess layout and content change needs and agree design prior to start.

  • Website redesign – Complete website redesign and basic content creation process. Agree and approve before deployment.

  • Search Engine Engagement – Identify key market indicators that your competitors are using to reach their ideal customers and implement them.

  • Blogging and Content Development – Train employees and members how to blog effectively and efficiently by using our proprietary SearchTriggers software that researches popular trending topics.

  • Marketing Automation – Transform your ‘Contact Us’ page into a lead-generating machine that continually screens and qualifies potential customers.

  • Social Media – Assess comprehensive social media presence to include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube by providing strategy and training.

  • Press Releases and Influencers – Preparation of press releases and connecting with the right influencers for your market.

  • Monitoring and Measuring Impact – Looking for sentiment, reach, coverage of your message across the media. Positive sentiment is one of the best indicators of reach and mention of your product or service.

  • Diagnostic Assessment of Business – Review the business to identify keys challenges for future goals and uniqueness in marketplace. This is designed to allow the your company to assess its goals and provide an opportunity for a tune-up.

  • Business Alignment – This process allows you to redefine and focus on its vision and the long-term goals. This process also brings the key members of the team into alignment and surfaces the vision so that all members are aware of it.

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