Marketing ROI Training Webinars

"I know that half my marketing is wasted, I just don’t know which half!”  - John Wanamaker

What if it were possible to find out which half is being wasted?

Join us for a live discussion with one of the pioneers of Digital Marketing ROI and co-author of External link opens in new tab or windowMarketing By The Numbers, Bob Heyman. Not only did Bob coin the term 'Search Engine Optimization' and 'Edutainment', his practices have helped businesses increase their marketing return on investment dramatically during his consulting practice. During this special event Bob will share with you his strategies that worked for his clients and he'll share how they can work for your business. It's a hands-on workshop. All attendees will receive 'The Marketing ROI Scorecard' - a document to help you compute the ROI of any marketing campaign.

The webinar is moderated by Viktor Grant, a seasoned Internet marketer, who has successfully executed affiliate marketing campaigns that have produced over 1000% ROI. It is possible and he'll be sharing strategies to help you achieve those kinds of numbers with your marketing campaigns. He also is the inventor of the Earthgrid Search engine, Search Triggers Keyword Tool and, ROI calculator software to name a few.

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